Friday, June 16, 2017

the insincere heart

heyyy everyone! 
its been awhile since i've posted. work has been hectic, and truthfully i have not been balancing work and life as it should be.

aand if there's  one thing i learnt the most during my days in corporate. is how insincere everyone could be - just to get on top. i guess, people who breaks your heart, backstabs and who are insincere do exists everywhere and probably in a majority of offices. no pointing fingers but it seems to me that how it works when i have rant talks and catch ups with my friends. its seems to be a norm in every workplace, but who is right or wrong we can never know because it depends on which team you're in right? 

i guess i'm still learning not to care.   

but what i've learnt is to avoid people who mess with your head. Avoid them who intentionally and repeatedly do and say things that they know upsets you. Avoid people who expects you to prioritize them but refuse to prioritize you.

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some people aren't loyal to you. they are loyal to their need of you, once their needs change, so will their loyalty. 

try not to stress over the shady people who betrayed you, I know it hurts. but the truth is that if they were always shady, they are never going to change, and you're much better off now at least you know who they really are. cause in life, i guess we can't really deny the fact that everyone is fake in some way. but we just have to learn to let go and move on to the happier side of life.

we'll just have to learn to move on and think happy thoughts! 

how do you deal with insincere people around you?

until next magical day,

Saturday, May 13, 2017

7 Things you could do for Mother Superior this mother's day!

hey there!
a happy mother's day to all loving mothers out there. 

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every mother plays such important roles in our lives, that the moment we were a mere speck of cell they have already contributed their body, heart, mind, and soul for us. keeping us safe, making sure we are healthy and well. life lessons taught and growing us into who we are today. 

i am everyday grateful for my mother, she has been building up the family and has made sure my siblings and i grow up to be good and respectful kids we are today. there are definitely times where she nags and we gets into disagreements and breaks her heart once a while, but of all those that goes by, she is still the best role model and a mother i can ever ask for. 

my friends tells me i have super supportive mom where she lets us explore and go on programs we could never imagine ourselves would've go for without that little push. and for that  i thank my mom for all her encouragement too!

so what are you doing for your mother superior this mother's day? 

here's a list of my little come uppers to make her day! that might be a great help to you too! 

  • that pot she always wanted to get in the kitchen shop. i dont know about you, but my mom's probably the happiest human alive if she can own half the kitchen supply store we have here. getting her that kitchen supply that she has been eyeing on will be a good score for a gift!
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  • the good old flower bouquet, mom never gets flowers other than super special occasions. a simple stalk would actually still put a smile on her face!
  • photo frames and scrapbooks! as such as tacky and outdated they are actually super thoughtful gifts nowadays when printed photos are pretty rare. it puts an awww towards the effort made for her. so if you have alot of selfies and mobile pictures on your phone, go get them printed out and make a collage/scrapbook or a frame them in fancy physical frames.
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  • a trip/vacation together, this might probably cost a little more. but getting her a ticket to spend time together exploring is a great treat! she could run away from work and you'd both spend quality time together. its true that we won't be having much time spend together with our old folks as we grow. we tend to be busy with our work, our relationships and our life. getting a trip with mom would be a great appreciation and build wonderful memories together before it is too late. 
  • let her be the queen of the day! do all the chores and the cooking! from her surprise breakfast in bed - to the grand dinner topped with dessert! 
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  • family time-out and picnic together by the park/the beach
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  •  not forgetting a simple handmade card to tell her how much she meant to you. 

truth to be told, every year my siblings and i cracks our brain to make our best for her special day. but guess what, it has always been these simple 7 gestures that will always puts a smile on her face.

its the thought and little effort and time spent together is what matters most.  

until next magical day,

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Work&Travel Guide I | Transportation

Hey guys! remember my trip back in winter to the States? 
today i'd be sharing a little on transportation when i was there and how to get there.

stay tune for my other little

let's face it, the flights are crazily expensive when it comes to long haul flights, it took me about 2days to reach New York. So today, i divided transportation tips which i hope will help alot of future participants. i think summer programme just ended! so here's some tips for the upcoming winter trip!

the flights was super hunting mode craze moment, to get the lowest price possible. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU TO GET ALL VISAS DONE AS SOON AS YOU CAN SO YOUR TRAVEL PERIOD WOULDN'T BE SO CLOSE. as the saying goes early birds gets the worm. is a really cost saver if you buy ahead a month or so.


  1. request from agents for cheap rates - you'd need to compare. but i honestly suggest agents eventhough they might be a little pricey. but safer in a sense of assurance. trust me. you'd save a lot of stressful events and its better that way. most program agents already have a helpful travel agent to help you with the booking. 
  2. i booked with expedia. i nearly flipped table and cried. super paranoid now with these sites. its actually affordable and easy. but bare in mind you have to expect the worst. 

here's other sites you can try.
but do keep a look out on reviews and double check on the bookings made with the particular airline. a few friends tried so it depends if you'd like to take these risks. browse through flight details via these sites!

they usually includes what airlines and time as they find the cheapest routes for you.

because chances are, the ticket prices ARE THE SAME!
it is also easier for references in case anything happens to your flights.
I went through a whole passing the blame here and there. so this is the best tip i've learnt for you!

so once you are there in the US, and you're planning on hoping states by states, you can check SouthWest Airlines! super affordable flights! they have free check-in baggage of max 2pcs each not more than 50lbs @ approx 22kg, so it is highly recommended if you are going a little further along the coast.

Others like Delta & JetBlue are low-cost domestic airlines that you should check out too!


I took the bus most of the time because traveling along east coast, it wasn't much of a distance and I can save much more that way. like alot of dollars worth, but its a little more time consuming though. 
Megabus was the cheapest and has wifi in the bus. although it take more time duration to reach your destination because it stops often for pickups. cheapskates like me will take the offer! HAHA 
NYC to Boston - LuckyStar Bus in Chinatown, Grand St subway. is another option with good value.
However, as the buses may be limited to its time and location available, you'd have to opt for Greyhound, Peterpan & Bolt as they cover to more areas.
subway - metro $2.75* one-way swipe
 i'd recommend to get a pay-per-ride metro card to swipe, cause not all subways sells the one-way tickets. here's a super helpful guide from Shut Up and Go on NYC subway.

the subway is pretty convenient. but you have to go around knowing which street and avenue and you can actually work your way around. but I suggest get to a common station, and walk from the streets in Manhattan. because its definitely more confusing in the subway than the streets, I'd rather walk and admire buildings.

walking is highly recommended if you're around areas like Chinatown - Grand St., Times Square, Union Square, Rockefeller Centre - you can walk around these places and roam around to find hidden jewels in NYC.


so that's all for tips in getting there and around the USA. basically, these are mainly based on my East Coast trip experiences, it might differ on West Coast. 
if you have any extra tips i missed out feel free to share or if you have any questions do drop a comment below and i will get back to you as soon as possible to answer them! (: 

until next magical day,

Sunday, October 16, 2016

everyone smiles in the same language

today i'll be sharing a little on language. Well, not exactly talking about language and stuffs. 

Anyways, stumble this on facebook so many times. But ehem. I had to disagree. 
Or well sorta contradict in some way. 

i have to say, english as most people know, it's the world language, but you'll be quite surprise when half the world doesn't really speak it that well. And i say, having a mother tongue doesn't gives you the right to not learn and practice. I am personally have been surrounded with people who can't speak english well, and while you do speak fluent english, you'll be labled as whites. literally gives you the facepalm some times. But not ranting here, because if you look at it in vice versa - it works the same. 

We all know its great to have a common language or you can speak the language of your counterpart. But sometimes i can't help to think that people would rather just ignore and shun you off just because they cant speak the language. people choose to walk away rather than to practice and learn to improve themselves. just because you don't speak their language, somehow there's this feeling that you don't belong or not worthy. whyyyyyyyyyy? just whyyy?

I dont want to brag, but i love language. Any language, i like to take up the challenge and break that barrier that has cause all these misunderstandings/miscommunication. and even up to today, i can't say my english is great. to be honest i don't know english in details- ask me any grammar stuffs and i'd zone out on you. 

its not easy living in a multiracial country nor is it to anywhere around the world! because we have these differences that makes us different, in terms of culture and well. language. but its actually not all about language, 
its honestly the attitude of the person itself.

short rant, and thought food, if only people actually set aside differences and just accept each other sincerely, the world would've been much more happier. 
self-reflect is a great way to know if we're treating people fairly. 

so what do you think? 

until next magical day,

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Anchor Say Cheese! : Connecting with Loved Ones


its been awhile since i last posted, please forgive me as i am settling in with my new found job! 
i have a feeling i will be blogging more often, cause i get to run away from work and just calms down via sharings like these. 


had the really nice opportunity to attend a tasting and get-together, thanks to Euro Bakery and Fonterra for arranging such a session to launch their Say Cheese! campaign where they partnered with Euro Bakery to work out yumms using Anchor brand products. the mini foodie gathering was a great time to catch up with kk bloggers!

The launch introduces a new dessert range at selected bakeries in Malaysia. for Sabah itself, it would be Euro Bakery which has a few branches around Kota Kinabalu. Do drop by to try out these exclusive yumms! 

The dessert for Say Cheese campaign includes Almond Rosa, a nutty almond butter sponge cake layered with rich cream cheese - simple yet delicately nice, i would say. it doesn't give a big impact on the taste. but if you're like me, who enjoys something light. you'd enjoy this with some coffee or tea. Cheeznie, a mixed upper name from cheese and brownie is the among stars of the day with cream cheese spread in between moist chocolate brownies topped with chopped walnuts. if you love the munch and crunch texture, you'd probably enjoy this more than Almond Rosa. 

oh! and they have limited edition heart spoons if you buy 2 cakes! 
Almond Rosa & Cheeznie priced at RM 6 each. 

Among the desserts prepared, they also cater sweet breads with cream cheese filling! I personally prefer the sweet breads over the cakes because i'm a sucker for fillings. like really. especially custards. hahahaha. so cream cheese- double yassss! 

Lady Marmalade, has an orange cream cheese filling topped with candied orange peel which is my favourite from the lot! it has a refreshing taste of the orange tangg, that is just nice to tone down the creamy cheese taste. yay! First love, on the other hand is the sweet bread that has brown sugar cream cheese topped with chocolatey coat on the bread, something you'd be reminded on for locals similar to rotiboy's coffee buns or kopitiam's polo bun. but yes, it did leave a first mmmm! 

try them out yourselves!

until next magical day,

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

American Dream | Work&Travel Winter in USA

hey everyone!

i'm sure if you've been seeing previous post of my USA hopping, you'd know i have been out on work and travel program for the past 5 months.

honestly, i never knew i had the guts to try work&travel programs on my own. well, because people are quite skeptical- like its an indirect human traffic plot and schemes. and we all don't know who you might end up with during your working period overseas. truth to be told, i was one of them. i was scared and uncertain if i could handle the foreign and total independent environment. HAH says the girl who went for so many exchange programs to Japan.  no. really. USA was another dream adventure for me ever since little, heck i grew up with American series/cartoons. now i get to touch American roads for real. ahaha but its a whole new world compare to Japan. and it doesnt seem as safe with all the news and guns are around, now does it?

but today, im here to encourage you to see the world!

i had so many amazing experiences during my trip! my first acorn encounter, first ski, first fluffy snow, first huge food portions. met so many amazing people! gracias amigos!

sara was my bestfriend cause we stuck together like glue!

i have the coolest guests of all time! literally laughed my heart out, when they brought this paper guy to serve wine and beer! hahaha and being reunited with family! look how much these little ones grown! 

after great encouragement from friends and family who've took the risk and came home, they shared so much! and i'm so excited its my turn to share my experiences. literally best advice, YOLO. haha There isn't much Work&Travel program agents around Malaysia, but i've been with Infinity Abroad for mine, and they have been great help.

So here, i'd like to dedicate this post as a thank you to Infinity Abroads for all they have done for me.
they have been great encouragement with advises and help. Wei Soong and Favian are super cool big bros and great help during my trip! i am super grateful for them.


thanks to Ned & Royal at Moutaineer Inn. it was an amazing experience and i'd never regret taking up the skiing experience. here's a ridiculously fat face of mine during our little trip to Williams College! but its probably the only photo i can get royal in it. and before i end this post! here's another photo showing my love for american food. HAHAHHAHA

yeap, got my decent infusion of American football from the family too. Patriots. hmm

look out for my guides for the trip!
you can also check out my work&travel posts
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until next magical day,